torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2013

Little brothers Aoto and Yuuta

Here is my two Azone boys Yuuta and Aoto:
azone boys

Aoto and Yuuta
I hope one day Azone would make more boy characters :3

Little brother and big sister:
yuuta and himeno

 Yuuta: "What's the matter? Aoto?"
Aoto: "It's nothing... I just wish my big sister were here too..."
Sera: "Here comes substitute sister for you!!! <3 <3"
Aoto: "Agh, no thanks!!!"

torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Sailor collars

sera and sailor school uniform
I think Sera's Happy Holidays -version is my second favorite doll after Miu 
(all the Mius are my favorites ^^ ) It's funny that her version name is that, 
even though she doesn't look so happy :3 
But I love that serious face and that sailor fuku ≧_≦
azone sera
ex cute sera
pureneemo sera

two sailor collars
Two lovely Seras ^_^

Ps: I had my birthday this week so my parents promised to sponsor my next purchase:
Tamron 60mm f2.0 Di II Macro!
Tamron 60mm f2.0 Di II Macro Review
Yay! I'm so excited. My first macro lens!
I will be able to take real close-ups of my dolls (^o^)=b

torstai 11. huhtikuuta 2013

Himeno in her school uniform

himeno in a school uniform
(haha, I'm using my brother's math notebook as a background >-< )
ex cute himeno
I really love this version of Himeno: her eye and hair color combination is nice 
and those cheeks (≧◡≦) (newer Pureneemo dolls don't have pinkish cheekbones)
ひめの himeno
And of course the school uniform, it's damn too cute!
I have a soft spot for school uniforms and anything with a sailor collar 
excute himeno
アゾン ひめの

himeno and sera
Sera: "Oops, I dropped my glasses"
Himeno: "?!"
sera and himeno
Himeno: "Don't even try to peek!"
Sera: "Ow"

torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2013

Last pictures of snow (hopefully)

mamachapp enjoying the sunlight
Usagi Moko-chan enjoying the sunlight

a mamachapp bunny and a real bunny
"I think my cousin went here..."

usagi moko
"Bye bye snow! See you after eight months"

By the way, I did introduction of my Pureneemos ^^ Mamachapp introduction follows later...