torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Every day I listen to my heart

"Jos kutsut minua, ..." / "If you call for me, ..."
(watashi wo yonda nara)
SAHRA'S à la mode girls
"...menen minne vain haluat, ..." / "...I'll go anywhere you want,..."
(doko he demo yuku wa)
SAHRA'S à la mode alisa and yuzuha
"...kunnes kyyneleesi ovat minun" / "...until you tears become mine"
(anata no sono namida watashi no mono ni)

two friends
"Jos rakkaudesta oppiakseen tarvitsee yksinäisyyttä, niin silloin mikään ei tapahdu sattumalta" /
"If in order to learn about love, you need loneliness, then nothing happens without a reason"
(ai wo manabu tame ni kodoku ga aru nara 
imi no nai koto nado okori wa shinai)
Ayaka Hirahara: Jupiter

I heard this song for the first time so many years ago, but still I like it so much ^^

torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013

Miu's odd little friend

azone miu
Hello Miu! What do you have there?

"Oh, this?"
miu doll with a red dress
"You'll see.."

"Okay, watch closely!"

"Now! JUMP!"
Whoa! Where did that come from?!
"Hehe, he didn't fit through"

miu and a sealmiu and emoticon seal 

maanantai 11. maaliskuuta 2013

Usagi Moko-chan's announcement

Okay guys, Usagi Moko-chan has something to tell you:
mamachapp moko
So, this blog will be updated every Thursday from now on ^-^

perjantai 8. maaliskuuta 2013


tired Himeno
Sorry, I didn't post anything on Wendnesday (normally I post every Wednesday and Sunday, if you have noticed ^-^) because I got  this teribble flu! I didn't even go to work yesterday and today. 
Fortunately, I'm feeling little better now. Argh! I hate flu >:c 

sunnuntai 3. maaliskuuta 2013

Yuzuha and Time to change clothes - again

"Okay, I'm gonna change my clothes!"
"Er, a little privacy here! Close your eyes"

sahra's a la mode yuzuha
"Now I'm ready"
pureneemo yuzuha
 Guess what Yuzuha's favorite color is...

yuzuha sitting

azone doll yuzuha