My Pureneemos update 8.7.16

Blue Bird's Song III miu
Version: Blue Bird's Song III
-She's kind-hearted, somewhat naive
-She has two big sisters (twins)
and one big big sister :)
-best friend is majokko Himeno 
-she loves animals (especially frogs)

Mia and Miia
Mia's Winter Vacation and Mia's Sunday
Versions: Mia's Winter Vacation and Mia's Sunday
-Both are mellow and little clumsy
-they're Miu's big sisters

Version:  Mio's Holiday
-She is the oldest sister of Miu, Mia and Miia

happy holidays sera
Version: Happy Holidays Sera
-She doesn't smile and talk much, but she's friendly
- She likes peace

Welcome to ExCute! 1.1 himeno
Version: Welcome to ExCute! 1.1
-She has just transfered to Miu's and others school
-tomboyish and stubborn
-she has a little brother (Yuuta). Himeno is very protective oneechan :)
-she is interested in astronomy

Yuuta and Aoto
Winter Gymnasium yuuta and aoto
Versions: Winter Gymnasium
-Like her sister, Yuuta is just started his new school
-He made friends with Aoto, Nina and Chisa
-Yuuta likes to draw and read books. He has a big sister (Himeno)
-Sometimes he can be a real crybaby :)
-Aoto has a big sister too (Aika), but she is studying abroad currently 
so they don't see each other very often 
-Aoto is a bit stubborn (like his sister)
-Aoto likes sports

 Version: Alice's Tea Party - March Tea Party, Clock Rabbit Yuta

 Version: Magic Boy of Moonlight Yuta
He's a wandering wizard, who likes to help people
(but not for free...) 

Version: Alice's Tea Party - March Tea Party, Mad Hatter Aoto
A very random guy, who likes tea (and Hilla). 

Nina and Chisa
Secret Garden nina and Chisa's Winter Vacation
Versions: Secret Garden and Chisa's Winter Vacation
-They're best friends
-Nina is usually calm and sensible, but with Chisa, she can be quite outgoing
-Chisa is bold and playful
-Chisa has a big sister (Chiika)

Version: II
-She loves her students very much
-very responsible but also very scatterbrained
-babyface complex
-secretly loves asian boy bands 


Version: Mermaid princess Minami

Version: Snow White Princess Aika
-Aika loves watermelons


Version: The Little Match Girl Chiika


Version: Little Princess Nina


Version: Little Red Hood Koron

Prinsessa / Princess
Version: Princess Miu
-She loves her tiny frog prince
-Her hobby is kyudo

Version: Classic Alice Tic Toc Rabbit Himeno
Hilla loves her watch. She is always lost or late ^^;

Version: Antique Sweet Memory / Cotton Candy Miu

Version: Secret Wonderland Sera

Version: Majokko Chiika - Little Witch of the Heart ver. 1.1 Spring 2014 special edition
She's a ghost of the snowball bush. She "lives" in Maya's and Marron's small cafe.

No one knows why, but one day little witches, majokkos, appeared and one by one they found their way to Miu's place. Even Majokkos themselves don't seem to know the reason why exactly they gathered around the same place... and why they remind each other; the witches and the normal people...

Little Witch of Starlight
Version: Little Witch of Starlight
-She and Miu met first before the others
-Miu is very dear to Himeno and Himeno is a little embarrassed of this, because she is used to being alone
-Her staff is important. She has it always with her
-Himeno always keeps her cool

Little Witch of Heart
Version: Little Witch of Heart
-Chiika is quite shy but thoughtful
-majokko Sera often tease her

Witch of the Note Limited
Version: Witch of the Note Mia Limited 
-she is mellow and carefree by nature
-likes to be with Miu's sisters. They joke about that Miu has now three four big sisters actually

Little Witch of the Water miu
Version: Little Witch of the Water Miu
-calm but cheerful
-she frequently loses her hat
-likes hot tea

Majokko Sera
Little Witch of the Wisdom
Version: Little Witch of the Wisdom
-She has a bubbly personality
- she suppose to be the witch of the wisdom but she often has crazy ideas 
and she is a prankster >:)
-often tease majokko Chiika and majokko Raili

Little Witch of the Snow
Version: Little Witch of the Snow
-she is curious and very polite
-she has a very poor sense of direction
-other majokkos love majokko Raili's ice cream made with snow crystal
-she has learned how to defend herself against the certain prankster

Forest Animals:
More strange visitors, again! One day Miu went for a walk and she got lost. Luckily strange but friendly girl appeared and helped Miu. It seems that the girl is actually a rabbit who is transformed into a human O_O And lately Miu has heard weird noises and voices coming from the garden...

Jänö / Bunny
Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi miu
Version:Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi/
Animals of the Forest Rabbit Miu
-she likes Miu and carrots
-dreams of becoming a real girl
-when she is very happy or excited, she can't hide her bunny ears and tail

Kissa / Cat
 Version:Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi/
Animals of the Forest Cat Aika
- She's trying not eat squirrels
-brave and cunning

Orava / Squirrel
 Version:Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi/
Animals of the Forest Squirrel Chiika
-Doesn't like to be alone
-gutsy natured
-loves spruce cones

Repolainen / Ms. Fox 
 Version:Komorebimori no Dobutsutachi/
Animals of the Forest Silver Fox Lien
 -her hunting skills are actually quite bad
-calm and noble by nature

Version: Animals of the Forest Bambi Raili
 -She is very accident prone ^^;

Version: Animals of the Forest Bear Koron
-Very friendly bear who doesn't want to hibernate in winter.

Sahra's à la mode:

Nostalgic Story Collection Limited
Version: Nostalgic Story Collection Limited
-Alisa is a little bit lazy, but warm personality
-she and Yuzuha are very close

Rock'n Girl yuzuha
Version: Rock'n Girl
-Yuzuha is outgoing and cheery
-Yuzuha and Alisa are chilhood friends, 
but Yuzuha moved away when they were in a grade school.
 In this spring Alisa's class got a transfer student and surprise surprise, it was Yuzuha!

Maya and Marron
Versions: Peach Pie Limited and Alisa Marron Parfait
- Maya and Marron are running a small cafe place. They have one big problem: they haven't any customers...

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