sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2013

Mia's Winter vacation / みあの冬休み

I finally got my latest girl (still waiting her little sister to arrive T__T):
Mia/ Winter vacation version!
mia ex cute family doll
I had no intention to buy her at first, but then... Well, here she is ^^;

I really love her outfit and the hair color is nice too.

azone pureneemo ex cute mia winter vacation

pureneemo ex cute mia

mia winter vacation azone excute


mia azone_pureneemo_excute_doll

2 kommenttia :

  1. This girl has been quite hard to resist, she's so adorable!!

    1. Yeah, it's hard to resist anything cute! I wonder how many temptations there will be when Azone reveals more of its new 9th EX cute series: Animals of the forest >_< I think I will be broke by the end of the year ;__;